DJ Wild Stud Poker

DJ Wild Stud Poker
  1. DJ Wild Stud Poker is a five-card poker game that utilizes a Designated Player. As in other games featuring a Designated Player, the players play against another player who will collect all losings and pay all winnings to the extent that their wager covers. Players will compare their hand to the Designated Players hand and must beat the Designated Player hand to win. DJ Wild Card Poker will utilize a Joker as a wild card.
  2. Deuces and the single joker are all considered fully wild. Hence, they can complete straights, flushes, quads, full houses, etc.
  3. Each player and the DESIGNATED PLAYER is dealt five cards in a clockwise fashion. From these cards each player will make their best five-card poker hand. The layout for DJ Wild Stud Poker table shall have wagering areas for seven players. All wagers in DJ Wild Card Poker shall be made by placing gaming chips on the appropriate betting areas of the table layout keeping in mind the table minimum and maximum wagering limits.
  4. Hand rankings are mostly conventional and listed as followed in descending order:
    • Five Wilds
    • Royal Flush
    • Five of a Kind (Quints)
    • Straight Flush
    • Quads
    • Full House
    • Flush
    • Straight
    • Trips
    • Two Pair
    • Pair
    • High-card
  5. After all players have played or folded their hands, the DESIGNATED PLAYER will reveal their cards. Then, the dealer will individually compare it to each player’s hand going in a counter-clockwise direction to determine the outcome. Players must beat the Designated Player’s Hand.
  6. If the player wins against the DESIGNATED PLAYER hand, then their BET and CALL bets are paid one-to-one. If the player wins and also has a qualifying hand for the BLIND bet, then it will be paid out accordingly. Otherwise, if the player wins but does not have a qualifying hand for the BLIND wager, then the BLIND wager pushes. If the player wins and has a sufficient hand for the optional BONUS side bet, then it will be paid out accordingly.

    Otherwise, the BONUS wager will be forfeited despite the player winning the hand. If the player is holding a hand of the same rank as the DESIGNATED PLAYER then the BET, CALL, and BONUS bets will all push. If the player and the DESIGNATED PLAYER are also holding the same qualifying hand (trips or better) for the BONUS wager, then the BONUS wager pushes as well. If the player’s hand loses against the DESIGNATED PLAYER’s hand, then all of their bets are forfeited.

Betting Structure

  1. To receive cards each player must place a minimum of $5 up to a maximum of $500 on both the BET and BLIND.
  2. An optional BONUS bet can be placed initially along with mandatory BET and BLIND wager. This bet can be a minimum of $5 up to a maximum of $500 ( Note this bet is only paid out if the player’s hand wins against the DESIGNATED PLAYER’s hand and qualifies according to the pay table)
  3. After receiving their cards, the player will make the decision to either fold or continue playing the hand. If the player decides to play their cards, then they must place a new bet on the CALL spot that is 2х their initial BET wager.
  4. If a player wishes to play “blind”, then they must preemptively place a wager on the BET, BLIND, and CALL spots in accordance with the standard betting rules.
  5. If a player wishes to play multiple spots, then they are only allowed to look at one hand and must play all others “blind”.
  6. If the player and the Designated Player have the same hand it is a push even if one uses wild cards or not.
  7. For the player to win they must beat the Designated Player.
  8. A natural and wild card hand of the same ranking are equal. Example a natural straight flush to the 9 does not beat a wild card straight flush to the 9, they are equal.
  9. A natural 6-high Straight or 6-high straight flush (2,3,4,5,6) will receive the eligible bonus payout of  either 20 to 1 for a straight or 200 to 1 for a straight flush as long as the hand beats the designated players hand.
  10. For the non- BONUS wagers, when comparing the Player’s hand to the Designated Player’s, the best five-card combination will be used.
  11. Max Aggregate Payout of $50,000.

    All wagers are paid to the extent the Designated Player’s money in action. For example, all bets are paid to the extent of the Designated Player’s available funds. If at any time the Designated Player does not have sufficient funds to cover a player’s wager: a player’s hand will be considered dead, the player’s wager will be returned and not considered for purposes of the House Rake. Note: A House Rake (charge to each player for participating in the game) may be imposed in the following fashion:
    • Upon all players uniformly,
    • Upon all players uniformly and not upon the Designated Player, or
    • Upon the Designated Player only and not upon any other player